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Customer Care

Store Policies

Standard Repair Warranty

For 30 days after the date of a repair, we will resolve any problems that were caused during the repair or replace any defective parts installed in the originally repaired device at no cost to the customer. If, for some reason, the device proves irreparable or cannot be repaired by our parts, we will uninstall our part(s) and provide a full refund. Any physical damage, liquid damage, abuse, misuse, modification, or servicing by any company other than My Broken Phone will void all warranties provided.

Warranty for all iPhone 

iPhone Screen Repair Warranty

iPhone screen repairs are backed by our standard repair warranty for the lifetime of the device rather than the regular 30 days.

Damage by Technician

Accidental Damage Warranty

Accidental damage caused by a My Broken Phone technician while rendering a service will be covered by this policy as long as the affected parts or functionality were fully testable prior to performing the service. Any damage caused which is repairable will be repaired as quickly as possible at no additional cost to the customer. If damage is caused during a repair which proves irreparable, we will replace the customer’s device with an identical or comparable device within a reasonable amount of time. Customers will not be charged additional fees for a device replacement but will be required to pay in full for the originally agreed upon service. If we are unable to acquire a replacement device within a reasonable amount of time, we will pay the customer the used market value of the original device minus the original repair price.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

Payment Methods
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